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Advertisers and Publishers we can help!

Hosted Power Dialer

For just $249 a month unlimited users you can have your own hosted dialer.  You can create as many campaigns as you want with the dialer.  Smile App is a way to Dial A Smile everday!    If you want per user it is only $15 per user & must order 3 users.

Live Warm Transfer 

Live warm transfer is what we do.  Try our subscription service for $99 a month.  You get calls for just $25.  Net 7 invoice.  If you want live call transfers only any verticle is just $40 per call.  No Deposits and No Contracts.  Pay as you go.  

Call Center Operators
$10 an hour part time every week.  Must work 20 hours minimum.  You are an independent contractor paid through Paypal only.