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DialerPal offers:


Unlimited Dialer


Hosted Cloud Dialer


For just $147 a month you get an unlimited agent dialer.  It has voicemail drop, dynamic scripting, text messaging all included in the dialer.  You get one inbound and out bound number and $50 in minutes to make calls.  If you need more minutes we can provide it.  We are an inexpensive solution for you to be able to have an awesome dialer that is easy to use for any sized business.  Try us for 14 days at no cost to you.  



EveryDay Marketing LLC Services

Hosted Dialer

For just $35 a month per user you can have your own hosted dialer.  You can create as many campaigns as you want with the dialer.  Smile App is a way to Dial A Smile everday!

Leads Service

Health Care, & Medicare Leads is what we do for just $50 you can get started.  Leads are just $10 a lead.  Your leads are Exclusive to you the morning you come in.

Live Warm Transfer

Health Care & Medicare Live warm transfer is what we do.  For just $35 a live warm transfer you can get started.  Only a $100 deposit.  Until March 17, 2022 we are offering a 30 day free trial if you would like to test drive our Medicare Services.

Answering Service

We offer a flat rate answering service for $50 a month.  If you are a small business you should use our flat rate answering service.   

Advertising Service

Need to have something advertised?  Let us have your campaign up and running in hours.  Same day setup for all campaigns.  Just $100 deposit to get you started.  Whatever the campaign you need, we can provide. 

Publishing Service

If you want to make money you can with us.  We have many campaigns that have pay outs that are reasonable.  We make it easy so you can make money.

Hosted Dialer  

Make phone calls using your Twilio account.  Simply add Twilio and go!  You can have one agent / operator or Unlimited and it starts at a low price for you per user.  You can be a blended inbound & outbound service.


Exclusive Leads
Leads to you in the morning.  Just $10 a lead and they are Exclusive leads that come in and are ready to be called.  Perfect for HealthCare or Medicare agents.  Just a one time deposit to start.


Live Warm Transfer   
Insurance agents need Health & Medicare consumers?  We can get you interested consumers ready to talk for a small deposit of $100  & a per call fee.